What clients are saying...

I feel completely at ease when I am working with Pamela.  She takes time to listen and be present and gently coaches me to find creative ideas to resolve my issue.  She is loving and warm.  I always feel comfortable and safe when I am in her presence.

Lindsay, Mebane, NC

I have physically and emotionally let go of something that I have carried with me for 40 years.  I feel light, free and finally at peace.  I have addressed this issue many times over the years in therapeutic settings, but the sessions I had with Pamela allowed me to release it, once and for all.  Pamela is compassionate, intuitive and open-hearted and I am grateful for her guidance.

Bobbi, Chicago, IL

Pamela is truly special. I do not trust easily, in fact it takes a very long time for me to trust anyone at all. Pamela came to me via a friend, and quickly and easily (within 15 minutes) we were talking like old friends ourselves. She has amassed a large toolbox through her training and she combines these skills with her natural, compassionate intuition. She has courageously guided me through matters I have often avoided. I was terrified of one issue in particular, and normally my brain would have dissociated. But Pamela took her time, and we went on a journey together, a journey from which Pamela safely delivered me. Don’t get the impression these sessions have been so serious.  Of course they were serious at times, but they were also good fun as Pamela’s sense of humour is second to none.

Sandi, Helensburgh, Scotland

I typically see Pamela when my stress level is high, and she consistently helps to center me and bring me back to a calm state of mind. I feel so much more relaxed and tranquil after Pamela has worked with me. She is very warm and welcoming and just being in her presence is soothing. She also brings many different techniques to her practice, which allows her to work on the whole person - body, mind & spirit. Every time I work with her I feel restored!

Deirdre, Hillsborough, NC

I love my sessions with Pamela. She is a very gifted energy healer who is able to meet me exactly where I am and take me further to where I am going. Using practical and empowering techniques, she is very present and skilled, knowing exactly when to lead and when to allow healing to occur. I always feel safe and lovingly supported when working with Pamela. I'm very happy with the results that we achieve during our time together and continue to benefit days later.

Daran Wallman, Chapel Hill, NC

Thank you, Pamela, for your help in resolving my issues. Your insights and perseverance in helping me achieve my goals are an inspiration to me for continuing this work. I look forward to tapping with you again as new issues arise.

Robert Earnest, Bonita Springs, FL