Ever have that uneasy feeling in your gut that you’re not quite settled?

Or that you’re not as fulfilled as you could be even though you’ve checked all the boxes of a successful life?

Maybe you’re feeling "off track" and wanting something more, something less, or something else? But you wonder — how can I figure this out when life is already so stressful?

So many of us find ourselves here! We’re ready for change, but we need that partner, support, time, and permission to build a truly fulfilling life.

That’s what I’m here to help you do.

I’m Pamela Schultz and I'm ready to help you reconnect to what matters, release old expectations, and reimagine your life.

Based in the North Carolina Triangle and serving clients since 1999, I’m a life coach who provides emotionally and physically restorative individual coaching, workshops, and bodywork classes. 

My coaching process speaks to the “whole person” – giving you practical, empowering tools and support to reach both the emotional and physical sides of yourself. We focus on better connecting you to your own energy, needs, and desires through a three-part process: reconnecting to your core truth, releasing underlying issues, and embracing your inherent gifts and forgotten dreams to reimagine a life you’d truly want to live.

As a master bodyworker of 20+ years, I incorporate a deep understanding of your body and its energy in my life coaching, giving you powerful tools to calm your body and mind. With intuitive insight and support for your life and career, I guide you on how to connect with your purpose, joy, and inner wisdom and enhance connections with others.

Whether you’re lacking fulfillment, not recognizing your inherent value, or sensing you can’t ignore that uneasy feeling any longer, there’s hope. I believe you need a safe space to be listened to and a guide who can help you find the more fulfilled, embodied life that’s already waiting within you. 

So if you’re ready to reconnect to what matters, release old expectations, and reimagine your life – I’m here.